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We are a small indie game studio based in Kochi, India. Founded in 2018, our goal is to make awesome puzzle games for all ages.

If you are a talented individual and interested in working with us. Drop us an email anytime at

Sometimes you may face issues. If you found something wrong with any of our games, let us know and we can fix it!

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Block Kitty

Fill up the kitty blocks to score high in Block Kitty. Make combos to collect stars! Use stars to rotate blocks for more excitement!, fill blocks in a vertical or horizontal line and play for hours with addicting logic puzzle in Block Kitty.

Seven Dots

An enticing and joyful brain training puzzle, addicting block puzzle and a great IQ exercise suitable for all ages!

Lines and Hexa

Modern version of everyone’s favorite childhood game "Dots and Boxes"

Word Chest Puzzle

Word Chest gives you a fun gaming experience. The aim is to find hidden words given in the hexagon grid.